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You may hear many golf terms for scoring as a new golfer. When you’re a beginning golf, these golf scoring terms may surprise you because you don’t know their meanings. When you hear a golf phrase like “eagle,” you could be confused.

Let’s describe “What is an eagle in golf?” In golf, a score of the eagle is one that a golf player obtains when he is two under par. For instance, a par-3 hole requires one stroke for an “eagle” whereas a par-4 hole requires two strokes. A good sign of advanced gameplay is an eagle. Only professional golfers can attain an eagle and you can’t achieve it until you become a professional player.

what is an eagle in golf
what is an eagle in golf

Do you know the most coveted score in golf? It is an eagle. You may learn more about what is an eagle in golf signifies by reading this post. Here, we’ll understand the term “eagle” in golf, how to get an eagle, and why a golf player should give it a shot.

What is a Golf Eagle?

An eagle is a specific term in golf. It is kind of shot in golf. It may result in a 2-under-par score. Although rare, an eagle can be done on any particular hole or all of the golf holes in the game of golf.

An eagle is achieved using the 2-under-par rule as follows:

  • When there is a 3-par hole, a golfer needs only one stroke (sometimes known as a hole-in-one)
  • When you have a 4-par hole, you will need two strokes.
  • 3 Similarly, for a 5-par hole, a golfer will need 3 strokes.
  • When there is a 6-par hole, golfers will need 4 strokes.

Basically, you will subtract or remove two from the par number (3-6). As a result, there is now a 2-under par requirement for making an “eagle” shot in golf.

In the end, making eagle shots during a round of golf games will drastically lower your score. Hence, by crushing your rivals, you might be able to avoid losing the golf game and become the reigning champion.

How to Scope an Eagle?

Now, you may have understood what an eagle in golf entails. Let’s look at some swing techniques that you may need to score an eagle for yourself.

  • You must have outstanding golf ball handling skills. Moreover, you’ll have to hit the golf ball far and with a lot of force on your tee shots. Hence, the best approach to make sure you’ve increased your opportunities to land an eagle is to do this. However, if you have the best focus and accuracy, it will also increase the chances to score an eagle.
  • Moreover, the more a golfer practices this kind of swing, the simpler it will be for a golfer to score an eagle. Once you’ve scored an eagle, you must never forget to record the eagle correctly. For this, you must draw two circles that should surround the score on the scorecard of golfer. Thus, the next time you play a golf game, you must try to gauge how challenging and difficult it would be for you to score an eagle. Hence, keep in mind that practice will improve your game.
  • So if scoring an eagle is something you’re looking forward to, ensure you practice this style of swing as frequently as you can. Even inclement weather, you may go for practicing your swings by using the indoor golf course.
Eagle Shot in golf

Is an Eagle Shot Common in Golf?

An eagle shot in a golf game is not as common as a new or average golfer may think. It is because it requires skill in gaming and movement. You may observe this shot more frequently in competitive gameplay. However, you should not let this fact get you down in the golf game. Golf players are capable of hitting eagle shots. Thus, to practice, you may consider choosing to play holes having a higher par, like a 5-par or 6-par.

Hence, it will give a golfer a little bit more “wiggle room” for making errors. Moreover, it may give a golfer a closer “shot” to score an eagle “shot.” While mastering the eagle shot may take hard work and more practice, it will significantly improve your golf gaming and increase your winnings.

Why do Golfers Call it an Eagle Shot?

There is no clear history for the term “eagle” in golf. However, connecting the words “birdie” and “eagle” is not unusual. In the 19th century, the word “birdie” was created. This word was used for describing something “cool” or something that has a “wow factor.” Thus, we can infer that “eagle” was used to denote something cooler from there. “Eagle” would signify truly magnificent if “birdie” meant stunning. An eagle in golf is generally a magnificent hit, as the name implies.

On Which Par is an Eagle Shot Most Common?

A golf player can make an eagle shot most commonly on a 5-par. Do you know why it is so? Actually, there are a few reasons behind this.

  • With an eagle shot of 5-par, you have up to three additional strokes and it is not possible with fewer strokes. A 5-par may allow for the proper strokes for an eagle shot. Thus, it increases the likelihood that a golfer will be able to score an eagle shot because there is more opportunity for accidents and mistakes.
  • Moreover, a 5-par will enable a golf player to make the “right” strokes to score an eagle. Thus, start with a longer drive and then utilize your second stroke to get the golf ball onto the green. Hence, an eagle shot will be just a short putt away.

A 5-par is a place where beginner golfers should think about making an eagle shot. It is because 5-par has more gameplay capabilities and better opportunities for success

When you consider that a golfer can score an eagle on a 5-par, you must believe that a 6-par is likewise reachable for newcomers and amateur golfers to score an eagle. When you score an eagle on a 6-par, it will allow you an extra stroke. Hence, it is quite advantageous, especially when you are starting the game of golf.

The Best Brick to Score an Eagle Shot on Shorter Holes

You can easily score an eagle shot on a 6-par or 5-par hole. However, it is also possible to score an eagle shot on a 4-par or 3-par hole. Here are some important suggestions that may increase the chances of success of a golfer.

  • When you want to score an eagle on a 4-par, the objective is to hit the golf ball onto the green on your first tee shot. After that, you can add one more stroke to get into the hole.
  • Similarly, when you need to score an eagle on a 3-par, you need to hit a hole-in-one.

What is a Double Eagle Golf?

“Double eagle golf” is another terminology that you will hear in golf. It is comparable to the common single “eagle” shot. You can also hear an alternative term for the double eagle that is “albatross”. Hence, a golfer will need three shots below the golf hole to score an albatross.

A single eagle is much more common than a double one. This is due to the fact that most golfers have to play on a 4-par, 5-par, or 6-par.

You must go for the actions we have mentioned below to score a double eagle in golf:

  • For a 4-par hole, you need only one stroke (also known as a hole-in-one)
  • For a 5-par hole, you need two strokes.
  • For a 6-par hole, you need three strokes.

Double eagle golf is uncommon. However, it’s not impossible in either case. You must know that in a professional golf game, a double eagle is common.

Do you Know About Condor Golf?

The double eagle is one of the things that you encounter in the beginning. You can take it a step farther and achieve a triple eagle. The common term for the triple eagle is a “condor.” Do you want to know the meaning of the word “condor” in golf? It is basically getting a hole-in-one shot of four under. However, you can only achieve a condor practically on a hole with a 6-par or 5-par rating.

Don’t you know one of the least likely scores in golf? It is a condor shot. However, it is not possible as any golfer can do it with practice. A golfer will have to complete a golf hole in one of the 4-par holes or finish a 6-par in two strokes for scoring a condor. You must know that it occurs rarely in the game of golf. Hence, when you want to score a condor, you must start with a single eagle shot.

Hope you have find this article “What is an Eagle in Golf” useful for your golf.


Every golf player should try to achieve an eagle shot. It results in a 2-under-par score, which is an exceptionally amazing stroke in golf. The number of strokes will vary based on how close to par you are. A 6-par eagle shot, for instance, allows for up to four strokes, while a 3-par shot only permits one.

Even while practicing an eagle shot is a challenging stroke, it can improve gameplay. It can ultimately result in more victories as you thrash your rivals with a lesser score. We have explained what is an eagle in golf and how a golf player can score an eagle.

Frequently Asked Questions

In golf, the number of swings required to score an eagle entirely depends on par.

  • An eagle would be one stroke for a 3-par.
  • A 4-par would give the player two shots.
  • A 5-par would give the player three shots.
  • A 6-par would give the player four shots.

Hence, we can say that it is par minus two.

An “eagle” is a unique kind of shot in golf that is two under par. You must remove the number of pars (for instance, five) from the total in order to calculate an eagle. Don’t you know how many strokes an eagle would need? An eagle would need three strokes on a 5-par hole.

Following your education on the phrase “eagle” in golf, you may be interested in knowing more about other common expressions like “birdie” and “bogey.” A birdie, on the other hand, is 1-under par (as opposed to an eagle, which is 2-under). However, bogey equals one over par.

Golfers who make a birdie are shooting 1-under par. Therefore, you will have two shots to go into the given hole if you are shooting on a 3-par hole.

Another phrase in golf is “ostrich.” Playing golf on a 6-par hole is the only way to achieve it. This is the case as an ostrich is someone who shoots 5-under. Ostrich being five under, the only par that can be connected with it is a 6-par.

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