best illegal golf balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls in 2023 –

Nearly every aspect of golf is governed by USGA rules. The USGA will have been involved in some way whether you are:

  • Buying a new driver
  • Buying a new golf ball
  • Playing a round of golf

Golf balls that have not received USGA approval for use in competitions are considered illegal. best Illegal golf balls can help players who have never played golf in a competition. Thus, they can gain additional distance. Moreover, they can use these golf balls to better their performance. They are a great option for golfers who play golf just for enjoyment.

best illegal golf balls

The best golf balls will provide players with excellent support. They will enable players to improve their games as they offer significant additional distance quickly. Moreover, they come with self-correcting technology.

Thus, it enhances golf ball flights. Hence, the best golf balls will have some unique characteristics in their structure and design. Without further ado, let’s read my carefully crafted post to find more details about these illegal straight golf balls.

10 best Illegal golf balls

These are some best illegal golf balls.

1. Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece composition
  • The asymmetrical pattern of dimples
  • Flight: mid-flight with better workability on iron shots
  • An ionomer cover
  • Available with two self-improving choices: 50% and 75%
  • Provide a lower ball flight than usual
  • Backspin is created from the sidespin.
  • The core is tougher than the inside of other golf balls.
Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls

The extraordinary ability of the “Polara Ultimate Straight” golf ball to constantly fly straight wins it a spot at the top. It gives a large amount of distance and possesses self-correcting technology. Thus, it may optimize ball flights. Moreover, these best straight best illegal golf balls will offer players exceptional support. They can help players swiftly improve their games. They will have some distinctive features in their design.  

For weekend golf players who are sick of looking for their ball in the woods and want to hit more fairways, the “Polara Ultimate Straight” balls’ aid is excellent. But, the USGA and R&A absolutely forbid them when playing in tournament settings.


  • It eliminates 50% to 75% of hooks and cuts. They may lead to an ultimate straight trajectory.
  • lower ball trajectories with less aerodynamic lift
  • The distance increases.
  • Make golf more fun for beginners and more challenging for average golfers.


  • To get a straighter ball flight, you must sacrifice some distance.

2. Volvik T3 Golf balls


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • Reduced diameter
  • Adjusted and managed weight
  • Engineers on the cover added 432 aerodynamic dimples.
  • Constructed with a high-resilient ionomer shell and a dual power core.
  • Suitable for golf players with slower swing speeds between 70 and 90 mph
  • Buyable in bold yellow tone

The t3 is the only Volvik t3 golf ball that you can’t use in USGA competitions. This is because of its smaller diameter and explosive core. Thus, players with a moderate to low clubhead speed should use the Magma golf ball. If your driver clubhead speed is from 70 to 90 mph, this 3-piece soft feel golf ball can be the best option.

It can help you gain additional yardage from the tee to the green. The Magma’s dimple architecture results in a higher launch. These best illegal golf balls may also result in more ball flight and longer carry distance than other non-conforming distance golf balls.


  • Provide the explosive distance
  • Because of the smaller diameter and the 432-engineered dimple design, aerodynamic drag is decreased.
  • It encourages a longer as well as a higher ball trajectory.
  • Provide improved spin control on the greens
  • Give the balls a velvety feel.


  • Not recommended for new golfers with slow swing speeds

3. MG Golf Balls Senior


  • Layers: 2 piece
  • Intended for golf players with drives of no more than 250 yards
  • Available in two colors
  • Delivers a stronger feel
MG Golf Balls Senior

The MG Senior Golf Balls are a great option for senior golfers who no longer participate in golf competitions. Playing with the longest illegal golf ball could be a nice relief. It may give you relief after spending countless hours becoming upset with performance as well as distance.

MG Senior Golf balls are specific for golf players with slower swings. These senior golf balls also have a good feel on the putting green. Thus, it is another fantastic feature.


  • It is the longest ball on the market
  • It gives golfers 1.5 longer clubs than usual
  • You may use it for a longer and higher flight
  • Better visibility of the golf ball due to a standout hue.
  • Increase the fun factor of your game.


  • Poor stability
  • Excessive bounce
  • Poor greens holding

4. Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • DuPont Lithium Surlyn material covering
  • The core is made of high-energy transfer metals and synthetic rubber polybutadiene.
  • The aerodynamic dimple design is the main feature
  • Buyable in multi-color choices
Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Some of the best non-conforming golf balls are produced by a well-known company, “Bandit.” The purpose of these Maximum distance golf balls is to give players distance that they have never achieved before. The USGA would not approve the Bandit for tournament play. Despite its low spin and remarkable dimple design, they will not approve of it.

However, you can use these golf balls for more than one round. It is possible thanks to the DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover. This golf ball’s core is designed to assist golf players in transferring energy from the club to the ball. Moreover, they can gain additional distance


  • The unique and high-energy core. It provides exceptional distance and speed.
  • A golfer can have smoother ball control.
  • Increased energy transmission to the balls
  • Increase enjoyment,
  • Offers more roll to your shots and more carry
  • Your shots will gain an additional 10 to 15 yards or more. 


  • These balls are more difficult to control. It is because of their extremely solid core. Thus, it makes them unsuitable for beginners with slow swing speeds.

5. Bandit Golf Ball – Maximum Distance Illegal Ball


  • These tiny balls have an enlarged and high-energy core
  • An aerodynamic dual radius dimple pattern
  • The ideal gram weight
Bandit Golf Ball - Maximum Distance Illegal Ball

It shouldn’t be shocking that Bandit makes up a few of the balls on our list of the top illegal golf balls. They rank among the most reliable products on the market. The SB is smaller than a typical golf ball. Thus, its small size and small ball technology make putting it in the hole simpler.

Moreover, it also makes it fly much farther. Moreover, the 338-dimple layout lessens the sidespin. Slices and hooks are minimized. The SB golf ball from Bandit is the best option to satisfy golfers looking for the best of both worlds, such as straighter shots and more distance.


  • Decrease air resistance
  • Increase distance
  • Increase flight time
  • Delivers better feel
  • It offers better spin control
  • Give players an additional 7%–10% of driving distance
  • Golf players may enjoy more carry and long-range shots.
  • Make the fairway wider and shorter.


  • For golfers with high handicaps, it’s simply too difficult to strike and control

6. Polara Ultimate Straight XDS


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • Outer ionomer cover
  • Contains up to 75% of self-correcting slices and hooks
  • Engineered asymmetrical dimple design. It is shallower than usual
  • Increase the spin rate of short irons.
Polara Ultimate Straight XDS

Comparing the “Polara XDS Golf Ball” to the “Polara Ultimate Straight” reveals several differences. This golf ball examines a ball’s potential for an overall spin. Moreover, it gives a lesser spin off the tee. Its goal is to give a higher spin on the greens.

The amount of spin you generate off the tee can be reduced by approximately 50% with the Polara XDS. Hence, a golf shot that was initially going to slice off the course cannot be played straight down the middle.


  • Provide golf players with more control over the ball.
  • Delivers a more direct and piercing trajectory
  • Eliminating aerodynamic lift causes the balls to fly lower. Moreover, it flies more directly towards the fairway objective that you are aiming for.
  • Give regular golfers greater power and assurance to hit the ball like a pro.


  • These balls’ three-piece design and hardness limit their use to typical golf players with mid to low-handicapping scores.

7. Diawings Max Distance Golf Balls


  • Maximum Distance
  • Anti Slice
  • Low Spin
  • Straight Shots

The Diawings Max Distance Golf Balls should be your top choice if you need a golf ball that provides you with outstanding distance. It is the best choice as it doesn’t require you to forgo playability around the greens. The best thing is that a dozen of them are very affordable.

There is also a Diawings Max Distance Golf Balls. It is about a ninja by the name of Foo-King-Long and his arduous quest to develop a golf ball with exceptional distance. His quest was to find a ball that vastly exceeded any distance restriction. Hence, because of this, the Diawings Max Distance Golf Balls is marketed as the first longest illegal golf ball.


  • No need to forgo playability around the greens. It is because they are built for maximum golf ball velocity and performance.
  • Encourage the ball to fly exceptionally far. Thus, it produces optimal spin control. The low price is worth every penny.


  • Not recommended for golf players who are accustomed to using standard golf balls having a soft feel.

8. KAEDE Fly Golf 2-Piece Mixed Colored Distance Golf Balls


  • Built with huge cores
  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Designed with 270 Japanese aerodynamic dimples
  • Buyable in 6 colors
  • The ideal option for female golf players
KAEDE Fly Golf 2-Piece Mixed Colored Distance Golf Balls

Golfers can use the “Kaede Fly Distance Ball.” It has a special dimple pattern that reportedly cuts drag by 18%. It improves aerodynamics. Thus, it increases carry and extends the total distance. Furthermore, the ball is perfect for golfers who lose yards due to irregular ball flight.

They are made to resemble Kaede’s, a Japanese maple leaf, rather than the typical shape of dimples. The ball can travel farther than usual. It is because of the dimples’ ability to make it glide through the air easily. The “Kaede Fly Distance” golf ball offers a distinctive and creative design.


  • Better visibility
  • Innovative dimple design. It reduces air resistance by 18%.
  • Extra-large cores. They lead to better absorption and rebound power.
  • The lively and colorful balls will enhance your golf game with more beauty and style.


  • These golf balls don’t have a soft feel.

9. Polara XD


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • The central core is made of polybutadiene
  • 50% self-correcting technology
  • Ionomer outer cover
  • This ball can convert sidespin into a backspin.
  • High-handicap golfers should use these balls
  • An asymmetrical dimple design.
Polara XD

Polara products are a must-mention when discussing the best illegal golf balls that fly the straightest. Thus, the Polara XDS Golf Balls stand out above the others. First off, like other Polara golf balls, these balls feature cutting-edge self-correcting technology. It was due to the technological advancement in their aerodynamic design.

These dimplings are designed to be shallower and uneven. Moreover, they are in charge of converting sidespin into backspin. It helps the ball self-adjust by reducing hook and slice risks by up to 75% off the tee.


  • 50% fewer hooks and slices may lead you to straighter shots.
  • You can add more distance.
  • It may result in low aerodynamic lift
  • Make your game more enjoyable


  • The balls have a solid feel. Thus, it makes them slightly more difficult for beginner golfers to control than soft golf balls

10. SAINTNINE U-Pro Golf Balls


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • Newer company of golf balls
  • Golf balls are available in smaller sizes
  • Golf balls come with mental mates, e.g., eagle, rhino, crocodile, and elephant.
  • Tour-level distance
  • Compression: 95
  • Ionomer cover
SAINTNINE U-Pro Golf Balls

SAINTNINE U-Pro Golf Balls are a more recent brand. But if you need an illegal golf ball, they’re definitely worth investigating. The SAINTNINE U-Pro Golf Balls is a 3-piece golf ball. It will perform well both off the tee and on the greens. Moreover, this golf ball’s Ionomer Cover is a very pleasant feature.

It contributes to a better feel on the putting green. The SAINTNINE U-Pro Golf Balls have a logo on them. It is one of their distinctive features. The logo aids golfers in concentrating on their shots. They can concentrate on their shots whether they are on the putting green or the golf tee


  • You can concentrate on the golf ball’s pattern easily
  • Tour-level range
  • The Ionomer cover may improve the ball’s feel near greens.


  • Golf ball designs are larger. Thus, they are difficult to adapt to their designs.


When you have the best non-conforming golf balls during the round, it will give you more confidence in every shot you take. Thus, you will be able to smash it with your own swing speed. Moreover, you will get professional-caliber results. Hence, there is no harm in using illegal golf balls for enjoyment only.

If you’re unable to investigate each golf ball to find the best one, I suggest choosing the “Polara Ultimate Straight.” It is the best illegal golf ball overall. It will surely satisfy your need for the perfect spectacular and straighter long-range shots. However, if you want to get an illegal golf ball that delivers a greater range, “Bandit Maximum Distance” can be the best choice. Similarly, for a straight trajectory, you may prefer the “Polara XDS” golf ball.

I hope that my post on the best illegal golf balls has given you more than enough understanding of non-conforming golf balls. Hence, you may see if any of these golf balls meets your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If golf players want to straighten out their shots, illegal golf balls can be a great option. They can also use illegal golf balls if they want to add some extra distance to their shots.

An illegal golf ball is a terrific option when you don’t want to take part in a golf tournament but still want to have a little more fun on the golf course.

Illegal golf balls are not a wise choice for golf players who play with a lot of competition. We know that golf tournaments always adhere to the game’s rules. Thus, if you plan to participate, you must ensure your equipment complies.

Golfers who play the game for leisure will adore what an illegal golf ball is capable of. They may enable you to straighten out your golf shots. Moreover, they allow you to strike illegal golf balls far. However, these golf balls are prohibited. The USGA does not allow golfers to use these balls in golf competitions because they are a little too simple.

Although you wouldn’t think it, the answer is unequivocal yes. The aerodynamics of a golf ball significantly depend upon the dimple patterns. Thus, there are some designs that obviously fly a lot farther than others. However, makers of golf balls are still attempting to determine which dimple patterns perform the best.  

With the exception of the Volvik Magma, the majority of Volvik golf balls do meet the USGA’s requirements for tournament play. These Volvik gall balls include the Vivid XT, Vivid Soft, Crystal golf balls, etc. They have a power dual large core. Thus, it produces powerful spin. Moreover, it encourages a high trajectory with explosive distance.

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