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We know that the golf ball is extremely important for the best performance of a golfer. Moreover, golfers utilize this piece of equipment on every single shot. Thus, you should use a good ball for your game. It should complement and support your swing and playing style.

Ultimately, you may not be able to select one golf ball to work for all high-handicap golfers. You must know that every high-handicapped golfer is different. Every golfer has unique trajectories, swing velocities, and objectives. So read this article to know about the best golf balls for high handicappers.

golf balls for high handicappers

High handicappers typically have slower swing speeds. They could use some assistance launching the ball. However, your opposing side may contain a few high-handicap golfers.

It is not easy to select the ideal golf ball for a high-handicapped golfer. It is because of the vast array of premium golf balls available in the market with variable features. Here we will review the best golf balls for high-handicappers from a variety of brands and compare them in this guide.

Best golf balls for high handicappers 

1. Bridgestone Golf e12


  • Layers: 3 piece
  • Impressive straight distance
  • Feel: soft
  • E12 has an Active Acceleration Mantle. It creates greater initial velocity and increased thrust at impact.
  • Faster speed of the ball
  • Dimple design to encourage lesser sidespin and straighter flight
  • Player profile: The player should be consistent from green to tee. Moreover, there must not be big weak spots.
best golf balls for high handicappers

The finest all-around golf ball for high handicappers in 2023 is the 3-piece Bridgestone e12. It is because of its consistent yardage, straight trajectory, and improved greenside control.

The Contact Force Dimples and ionomer cover found on e12 balls increase friction during low-impact shots. It offers more than you’ll get from the majority of distance balls. you can improve your golf by checking these best golf balls for high handicappers.

There is a sidespin-reducing ionomer mantle present between the core and the cover. It restricts sidespin. Moreover, it enhances energy transfer at impact. Hence, it works nicely. It results in quick ball movement. Moreover, you can achieve straight shots with exceptional length and accuracy.


  • There is limited spin for straight flights
  • Increases friction for a higher short-game spin.
  • Encourages increased ball speed
  • Durable
  • High launching


  • It costs more money than other distance balls
  • Players with slow swing speeds could find the compression a little high.

2.TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls


  • Distance
  • Ultra-soft 34 compression core
  • 342 aerodynamic dimples to reduce air resistance for a longer flight
  • Better speed around the greens
  • Soft feel
Soft  Best golf balls for high handicappers

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Softballs can be the ideal choice for high-handicap golfers on a tight budget. Their low spin, low compression, and aerodynamic ball flight produce the best roll and carry distance.

The Long and Soft are straightforward 2-piece structures made up of an impact propulsion core and an ionomer shell. The core increases the clubface’s energy transmission to the golf ball and increases speed. Moreover, ionomer cover can reduce the low-game spin.

These low-compression golf balls make it simple for slow-swinging high handicapped golfers. Thus, they can launch it high and far. It is one of the softer balls on the market, with a compression rating of 34. Moreover, it offers a lot of spring off the clubface on long strokes.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Impact Propulsion Core improves energy transmission
  • The soft compression gives the clubface the most spring possible.
  • Creates a high-ball velocity
  • Consistent length delivery


  • Lessens the workability
  • Insufficient greenside spin

3. TaylorMade Distance Plus


  • More distance
  • Low drag and spin
  • REACTTM speedcore
  • High-velocity performance 
  • Soft feel
  • Two-piece ball
TaylorMade distance plus golf balls

High handicappers looking for a long, distance ball might like the 2-piece distance plus’ novel design. This reasonably priced distance ball may provide drag resistance, lightning-fast ball pace, and low spin for more yardage in the long game.

Despite having a soft feel, the distance + golf ball possesses a moderate and reasonable compression of 77. Thus, it makes it ideal for players who swing at a medium speed. However, it may not be easy for slower golfers to launch this golf ball properly and increase its length. must follow these articles to find the best golf balls for high handicappers.

The React Speed Core in these balls limits long-game spin. It also improves energy transfer. A hard ionomer cover reduces spin, increases ball zip, and supports the core. The core and cover work together for novices to produce the best possible yardage, flight, and accuracy.


  • It creates a fast ball speed
  • The dimple design lessens the drag
  • Low spin is delivered on long shots
  • Suitable for slow swing speeds
  • It has a tool to help you match the ball with your target Cons


  • Long-game spin cap
  • The ball feels hard despite TaylorMade’s assertion.

4. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls


  • Straight and long-distance ball
  • Incredibly soft feel
  • Ultra-low compression for increased accuracy and to promote fast speed
  • Softer trigonometry cover formulation for enhanced feel
  • It offers better greenside control
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have been among the most well-liked for many years. Many high handicappers with slower swing speeds can compress the ball. They can produce high ball speed thanks to their soft feel and low compression rating of 38.

Supersoft is more than simply soft. It is also quick and decisive. It produces high launch and low spin. Moreover, it is durable due to its multi-material structure and a hybrid cover with the exclusive PARALOID Impact Modifier. It retains superb spin control around the greens.


  • A soft compression core to more effectively transfer energy to the premium golf ball
  • Improved HEX aerodynamics that enhances lift and decreases drag for greater range, carry, and stopping power into greens
  • People like how long it is off the tee, how it performs on the greens, and how inexpensive it is compared to other high-handicap golf balls.


  • It is not able to deliver enough spin around the green

5. Titleist Velocity  


  • Longer distance
  • Extremely low long spin
  • The higher flight on all kinds of shots
  • Available in distinct colors
  • Short game feel

The Titleist Velocity offers more greenside spin as compared to its competitors for a 2-piece ball. Thus, it provides some measure of control around the floor.

To move through the air, the velocity needs two components.

  1. NAZ + ionomer cover
  2. LSX core.

The LSX Core facilitates excellent energy transfer off the clubface. It improves speed, spring, and low spin. Hence, the typical high-handicap golfer will benefit from a strong launch and an extended carry distance.

The NAZ PLUS cover decreases friction. It helps the velocity ball speed on high-impact shots. However, on low-impact wedge shots, the smart cover behaves differently. It is because it adheres to the clubface longer and increases the spin rate.


  • More greenside spin than its rivals
  • High-impact hits with the improved energy transfer
  • It encourages a steady golf course of action
  • Long shots with a lower spin
  • You may buy this golf ball in four colors


  • Durability
  • It may offer increased spin but the short-game shots may have a hard feel.

You should read all about the best golf balls for high handicappers, also if you want some good tips for golf balls for mid handicappers.

6. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls 


  • Two-piece ball
  • 70-mile-per-hour swing speed
  • Improved EGG (Energetic Gradient Growth Core)
  • Softer feel
  • 344-speed dimples
  • Lonomer cover
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

The best golf ball for social rounds is the Srixon Soft Feel. Despite sacrificing the amount of spin, this ball consistently delivers excellent value for the money. Moreover, it is a great ball for casual players with mid-to-high handicaps who want a reasonably priced alternative that flies straight, high, and far.

Srixon chose a Soft, Fast Layer Core for a good reason to power the Soft Feel. The core has a soft center and gets firmer towards the edge. Hence, the ball impacts with greater compression for reduced spin and higher velocity.

A hard ionomer shell protects the core. Thus, it reduces the spin rate. Additionally, the outside covering is lined with 338-speed dimples. They reduce drag and increase launch and carry distance.


  • Ideal Impact compression
  • Produces a high velocity
  • Limits spin
  • Promotes launch
  • Affordable


  • Diminished short-game spin
  • Not advised for extremely slow swing speeds

7. TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball


  • Low compression core
  • Super soft feel
  • Moderate swing speeds
  • Shallower U-shaped dimples
  • Increased lift and decreased drag
  • Ionomer cover increases greenside control

Due to their long carry distance, the TaylorMade Soft Response balls outperformed their rivals. You will appreciate the variety of its striking color options, as well as light spin, the fastball of the golf game, and strong compression. Inside the Soft Response golf ball, you can find a sizable core. Moreover, there is an ionomer speed mantle layer.

The big core improves the transmission of energy off the clubface for blazing speed and a little spin. Moreover, the mantle supports the core. Moreover, this increased ball velocity encouraged maximum length on all shots.

Their main strength is the ball’s aerodynamic flight. To maximize carry distance, TaylorMade engineers chose an Extended Flight Dimple Pattern. The TaylorMade Soft Response golf balls possess a 50 compression rating. They offer great spring at impact. Hence, it is perfect for slower swing rates.


  • Promotes longer carry distance.
  • Raises your launch
  • Less spinning on long shots
  • Powerful spring off the clubface
  • Affordable


  • Reduced toughness
  • Your short-game control is constrained.

8. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls


  • Layers: 3 piece
  • Super glossy colors
  • Softer feel
  • Elevates short-game control. It is due to a low compression control core
  • A better option for swing speeds of 70-90mph
  • Consistent flight
  • Longer distance for slower swingers
  • Accurate green control. Green control is also consistent.

The Crystal travels far, yet it won’t feel like a piece of soap on your club face. These balls are ideal if you want distance golf balls that are simpler to spot in the grass and see in the air.

Moreover, it resembles a Titleist DT Trusoft and a Pinnacle Gold. This is a nice three-piece ball for slower swings that might use a bit of extra kick.

You may expect the proper golf ball to travel significantly farther than other balls. It stops on the green after a few additional yards. This ball is ideal if you favor the bump-and-run style of chipping.


  • A wide variety of hues
  • Three-piece design for moderate to slow swings
  • It turns heads with its stylish design and vibrant hues
  • A hard ball to increase the distance
  • It resists scuffing easily


  • These golf balls are lower compression than advertised. 
  • Rookie golfers and slower swingers will not get maximum distance

9. BRIDGESTONE e6 Golf Balls


  • Softer feel
  • It offers better distance and accuracy 
  • A blend of feel and distance for low-moderate swingers
  • Delta dimple design for greater distance and smooth air resistance
  • Optic yellow color for better visibility 

Numerous golfers prefer this ball. This ball performs and feels better overall. On top of that, the cost is unbelievably inexpensive.

The Bridgestone E6 improves mid-iron performance. Thus, it helps you find the fairway more easily. It will move you in closer proximity to the green more frequently.


  • Developed specifically to decrease cuts and hooks greatly
  • Less side spin
  • More rollout at a greater distance
  • The golf ball may hit more fairways as well as greens


  • Stronger hitters struggle for better accuracy

 10. Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls


  • You must have the results of at least 12 rounds of a golf game. However, you can figure it out in as few as 5 rounds. But it is more precise with at least 12 rounds.
  • Calculate your adjusted score: For each hole, the USGA has established a maximum score. Thus, you have to achieve that maximum score. The score is 10 if you are going to calculate your handicap for the first time. Don’t you know why it does matter? Basically, it implies that your ultimate score is deducted for each shot you make over ten. Thus, you are able to make the necessary adjustments once you have calculated the handicap.
Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls

A low-compression golf ball with a matte finish, the Maxfli SoftFli max is suitable for golfers who have slower swing speeds. They are the best choice for golfers who like a soft feel on strokes straight through the bag. After recent testing of this ball at Essendon Golf & Country Club, the first thing that caught my attention was the ionomer cover’s finish.

It has a duller appearance overall and is less glossy than the average premium ball with a urethane coating. Although we tested the typical white hue, it is also available in matte blue, green, and pink colors for golfers who prefer to look down on a more colorful ball.


  • Responsive and softer feel
  • It may excel in approach shots
  • Its side stamp design may help you with the aim


  • Off the tee, it is not the longest
  • Easily cover discolors

Hopefully, you find some best information by reading about the best golf balls for high handicappers. you can also check the best golf balls for seniors.


Now, you know the qualities by reading best golf balls for high handicappers. that you should see while buying golf balls for high-handicap golfers. You can understand the features of the best golf balls for high-handicappers. When choosing a fresh box of balls, keep in mind to take your swing speed into account. Moreover, consider the turf’s firmness and the weather you play in.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, for high-handicaps golf players, the style of golf balls matters. The swings of beginner golfers are often slower. Thus, beginners need a premium golf ball with low to medium compression. It should provide a better spring off the clubface. Moreover, it will let a beginner golfer launch the ball into the air consistently for the desired carry distance. Also, you can read “the best golf balls for high handicappers.” to find more information.

Golfers may find yellow golf balls easily on the golf course. They may stand out on the grass. Thus, golfers may see them easily among the foliage. Hence, it makes these golf balls easily seeable in the air.

No, high-handicap golfers should under no circumstances consider a Pro V1. It is because:

  • They are costly golf balls. Hence, when you lose several golf balls in a game, it might drain your bank account quickly.
  • Pro V1 golf balls may have a higher compression rating. Thus, it may limit the spring at impact.

Therefore, you need to swing faster to optimize the launch and distance. Hence, it is usually only appropriate for people with low handicaps and experts.

The Bridgestone e12 is the best golf ball for golf players with a 15-20 handicap. The e12 may provide a consistent length in the long game. Moreover, it provides a better feel and control in your short game. It also promotes a straighter ball flight. Thus, it helps to keep you in the game.


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