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10 Best Golf Balls for Distance 2023 –

All of us wish our golf balls could do a variety of things, such as:

  • Straighten out your swing
  • Land on the green
  • Avoid the rough

But we can all agree that one aspect of the right golf ball is most important. We all wish our golf ball to cover the maximum distance.  Manufacturers are increasingly coming up with ways to squeeze a sense of feel and control into balls made to give more distance. There are many excellent selections to choose from because brands are also giving the best golf balls for distance on the market.

best distance golf balls

They are also offering better alignment assistance and more color options. It’s crucial to keep in mind that excellent distance balls are sometimes also the cheapest. It is despite the fact that these golf balls will unavoidably be harder and firmer on and around the green. Hence, one of them can be ideal if you are a new golf player. Moreover, they can be ideal for you if you tend to lose more than you should. Here is a guide about the best distance golf balls and their features.

10 best golf balls for distance

These are some best golf balls for distance.

best golf ball for distance

1. Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • 342 aerodynamic dimple design
  • Energetic gradient growth core
  • Better initial velocity for better distance
  • Highly responsive and lighter feel for better control
  • Resilient ionomer cover may offer better durability
Srixon soft feel 12 brite

The best Srixon golf balls for distance are listed first here. As Srixon balls are the most well-known balls in this category. Over time, the company has made little adjustments here and there and introduced this best-distance golf ball featuring milder compression than its previous models.

Moreover, it will contribute to an optimal ball flight distance and higher launch angle. There are 108 fewer dimples. Hence, according to Srixon, it will minimize drag. Srixon soft feel golf balls will improve lift for greater performance in all wind conditions. These claims hold up. It is because our tester observed a noticeable increase in the air’s distance and penetration during windy conditions. These are the best golf balls for distance.


  • The best Srixon golf balls for swing speeds of 80+mph
  • Offers a highly penetrating ball flight


  • Durable cover may be very hard

2. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • It is the best golf ball for distance
  • Lower long-game spin
  • Higher iron stability
  • The better flight on all kinds of shots

The Titleist Velocity golf ball maintains its position as the longest golf ball in the Titleist line. Thus, to increase the pace of shots, Titleist made the Titleist’s best golf ball’s core a little stiffer. The company also introduced a new 350-dimple octahedral pattern. It offers a high flight with a little more regularity. According to our tests, the driver may cause the ball to provide higher flight.

Moreover, it does carry 5 yards farther than the previous model. There was a trade-off when you consider feel. It is because there was a lesser spin on approach shots and lesser control on chips around the golf course. It is because the spin was so low. Hence, it was wonderful for distance.


  • The latest cover may provide added feel
  • Many color choices that can suit all tastes
  • Higher launch


  • Feels firmer off the putter

3. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Callaway’s HEX aerodynamics lowers drag and promotes high-launch
  • Increases distance and hang timeThe extra-large high-energy core
  • Oonomer cover with higher sensitivity may work with the core. Thus, it helps in promoting a super-satisfying feel in every club.
 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway has been using the Warbird moniker for a number of years. Thus, the terms “distance” and “speed” have come to be interchanged. With a two-piece design and an extra-large, high-energy core, the most recent model of Callaway warbird golf balls promotes distance with a strong launch at various swing speeds.

All of that may sound ideal for a golf player who needs more yards and has trouble getting the ball in the air. However, in our testing, we discovered that there were additional yards to be gained. It provided more yards, particularly on iron shots toward the greens. But it comes with a firmer ionomer cover. It may give lesser control and check than some golf balls might, like greenside. Hence, the distance offered makes this trade-off worthwhile.


  • A highly compressible core that may unlock higher distance potential at all swing speeds
  • HEX aerodynamics in the cover may lower drag for extra distance and hang time


  • Golfers struggling to keep their flight down may launch this ball too high.

4. TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • React core
  • Lower spin
  • Higher speed
  • 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern
TaylorMade distance plus golf balls

The REACT Speed Core and 342-aerodynamic dimple design of the TaylorMade Distance+ ball may promote a lower drag and higher velocity. The TaylorMade golf balls’ soft ionomer cover enhances its scuff-resistant qualities for longevity.

Moreover, they give it a good greenside feel. Thus, you’ll feel confident using your smash strokes a long distance with this golf ball. The last item in the box is a new alignment stamp in the form of a cross called a “plus.” It will assist you in aligning and aiming your putter correctly.


  • Aerodynamic cover and REACT speed core may boost golf ball speeds
  • A new “plus” alignment may help you line up. Moreover, it helps you aim better on the greens


  • Feel and control may not be primary attributes of TaylorMade distance plus golf ball.

5. Bridgestone golf balls e6


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • it comes with CONTACT Force Dimple. Thus, it may create 38% better surface contact between the club and the golf ball. Hence, it allows better energy transmission
  • straight and longer flights with a driver
  • The softer core may contribute to a better and enhanced feelLower slice and hook spin
  • it offers improved spin around the golf course
Bridgestone Golf 2023 e12

Bridgestone introduced the Bridgestone e12 Contact in 2021 to replace its e12 Soft and e12 Fast golf balls. It is a 3-piece ball. It comes with an ionomer cover. It strikes the ground with a pleasant softness. Moreover, it has an innovative and distinctive Contact Force dimple.

Thus, it has a discernible elevated area in the center which is the secret to its top performance. When compared to standard dimples, this elevated area may permit 38% more contact between the clubface and the golf ball at impact. Hence, it enhances core activation for more effective energy transmission.

Greater contact levels lead to an increased ball speed, more distance, and accuracy with every club. Moreover, it offers a little more grip and spins around the green.


  • modern contact dimples may offer better energy transmission at impact
  • a slightly low-spinning golf ball as compared to previous models of Bridgestone e12
  • The cover may feel soft


  • The golf ball is all about straightness. Hence, it will not be as workable as some other golf balls

6. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • hardcore materials help to generate optimal ball trajectory
  • Offers maximum roll and distanced-compression core increased playability and feel on approach and short game shots
  • Impressive aerodynamic dimple design. It provides superior performance and higher power off the tee
Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

This low-compression Wilson golf ball comes with strong ionomer cover material. Thus, it may optimize Wilson ball’s trajectory for more distance and roll-out. It offers promising tremendous distance. This golf ball comes with an aerodynamic dimple design. Thus, it increases power potential off the tee.

Even if the ball bounces off the cart path, it won’t easily mark up. It is because of how tough these balls are. The Wilson Velocity Distance comes with a mid-compression core. Hence, it adds some greenside playability despite the ball’s overall low compression. Thanks to the three extra golf balls you’ll get in the box, the Wilson Golf ball is also among the best-value golf balls on the market.


  • The best value golf balls for beginner golfers.
  • A dimple pattern may enhance the power
  • Very durable golf balls
  • Impressive distance all-around


  • Its cover may feel very much hard on putts



  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • urethane cover
  • 318 dimple designCompression:80Swing speed: 90-100mphLower driver spin for optimal control and distance
  • enhanced perimeter weight that can offer control and accuracy

After significant progress in the golf ball industry in recent years, OnCore continues to innovate. It provides a fantastic selection of premium golf balls. Thus, one of their best golf balls to date is the Elixr. It is one of their Tour-level balls for golf players. Moreover, it offers outstanding ball flights and excellent gains off the tee.

It is the best golf ball price on the market. Furthermore, it is incredibly durable compared to most distance balls on this list. During testing, we had a great time with this 3-piece golf ball. Thanks to its urethane cover, it has a Tour-caliber feel and performance from tee to green.


  • excellent golf ball distances
  • Powerful and higher golf ball flight
  • Highly durable golf balls
  • Aligned lines make it stylish
  • The best golf ball price


  • it may not be the most workable golf ball

8. VERO X1 Golf Balls


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • Offers excellent distance off the driver
  • Beautiful and colorful golf balls
  • Feel: solid
  • Ideal golf ball for year-round performance
VERO X1 Golf Balls

This golf ball stands out from the competition. Thus, it is one of the prettiest products available. It is a stunning addition to this list, from its box to its logo. But it also has a lot of power. The VERO X1 Golf Ball is a 3-piece and reasonably priced urethane golf ball. Moreover, it performs well and enhances play.

It may offer great distance and total high speed off the clubface. It can flow through the air nicely with a launch monitor and throughout 18 holes. The golf ball flight is a little lower as compared to others. However, the Sounder carried the ball strongly from start to finish. Hence, the lower flight is not a big issue.


  • Standout aesthetic features
  • Excellent golf ball distances off the driver
  • The solid feel makes it the best option for year-round golf


  • This golf ball lacks short-game spin control

9. Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece
  • 4 spectra matte finishing golf balls per sleeve
  • High-performance construction
  • High-energy core to provide higher launch and explosive distance
  • Thin, durable, and softer cover
Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls

Zero Golf, a company that was established in 2001, became famous in the market by creating and developing golf tees. These tees gave players more distance. But the company is still working on its mission to assist golf players in hitting the golf ball farther. Thus, they’ve created these amazing distance golf balls. The ball has a 2-piece design.

It may come with a sizable and high-speed core. Thus, it offers explosive distance. It is a fact that this golf ball is hot off the face that may impress you. For longer iron shots, it may offer a higher launch as well as an impressive rollout. Furthermore, it is simple to launch. When you power it through your swing, you will feel the golf ball zooms off the tee.


  • Provides added roll (distance)
  • Spectra lettering can be a useful alignment aid when putting a list
  • You will not lose this ball, as it is very hard to lose


  • Its matte finishing may not look good to every player.
  • Experienced and skilled golfers will look for more spin

10. Snell 50 Mix golf ball


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • It may offer impressive control and feel
  • Larger redesigned core
  • Lower compression
  • Lower spin rates
  • Higher distance
  • Creates fewer hooks and slices
Snell 50 Mix golf ball

The snell 50 mix golf ball is made of soft Surlyn material. Thus, distance golf balls tend to make it simpler for golf players to launch them into the air. Moreover, it spins less than many other golf balls on the market. Hence, it enables you to hit the golf ball farther and straighter. It’s a straightforward golf ball. Therefore, it will give you little control over the greens. But, it will undoubtedly help you develop your long game.


  • The best golf for distance
  • The best-value golf balls
  • Very easy to flight


  • It may not offer the best control around the greens.


You must ensure you’re utilizing a 2-piece golf ball if all you’re after is extra distance. Thus, you can switch distance golf balls as you advance according to your requirements. Every professional goes through a distance ball period at some point. Thus, it’s all a part of learning. Pay close attention to how your ball responds on the golf course, especially on your poor shots.

Thus, you can lower your scores to the appropriate level by using this information to help you choose your next ball. Combine one of these long golf balls with a long drive for even more distance. We have explained the features of various of the best golf balls for distance in this post.  You may see which of these can be the best option for you according to your game and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The golf ball that is specifically made to fly the farthest will be the excellent one for distance. This golf ball typically has a solid feel and a straightforward two- or three-piece design. Furthermore, the golf ball will have an aerodynamic dimple pattern. Thus, it helps it spin less and remain in the air for a longer period.

Tour pros can average 295 yards when using their driver. It depends upon who they are. However, other golfers have even longer drives than that. Rory McIlroy and Cameron Champ are leading the PGA Tour this year with smashes of 321 yards each.

Due to their two or three-piece compositions, hard feel, low spin, and aerodynamic dimple shapes, distance golf balls do fly farther. The Srixon Distance golf ball, made specifically for distance, will fly farther than premium golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1. These premium golf balls are designed to offer feel and control in addition to some distance.

Even though the clubs and shafts vary, all long drives used in competition use the same golf ball. Each participant uses the same Volvik golf ball as well. Hence, the ball has a compression of about 110 and is made for modest spin rates.

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