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10 Best Cheapest Golf Balls –

It’s difficult to discover even one drawback to the game of golf. When you speak to golf enthusiasts, they will tell you how much they like the golf game. However, most people will concur that playing golf games may be unaffordable and expensive for some golfers.

Most golf players find it difficult to balance excellent golf equipment and the least expensive. Thus, we thought of an idea to compile a list of the best cheapest golf balls available. With costs rising at every turn and inflation at historic levels, you will like to buy these golf balls.

best cheapest golf balls

The Mizuno RB566 is one of the year’s best-budget golf balls. They function like premium golf balls for golf players with slow-moderate swinging speeds. Moreover, they have a highly distinctive dimple pattern.

Hence, it is matchless on the market. Fortunately, we have tested several inexpensive golf balls and can list them for you. They will provide the best performance gains without being prohibitively expensive.

The best Cheapest Golf Balls

  1. Bridgestone golf balls e12 Contact – best cheapest golf balls
  2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  3. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  4. Vice Drive Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  5. TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  6. Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  7. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  8. Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite – best cheapest golf balls
  9. Piper Blue Premium Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls
  10. MIZUNO RB 566 and 566V Golf Balls – best cheapest golf balls

1. Bridgestone golf balls e12 Contact


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • Cover material: ionomer
  • Compression: mid
  • Type: Distance
  • Contact Force Dimple
  • Lower slice and hook spin
  • Better feel
  • Improved spin around the green
Bridgestone Golf 2023 e12

The Bridgestone e12 Contact is all-around and the best cheap golf balls in 2023.

It may be the best choice with the following:

  • Straight flight
  • High ball velocity
  • Low long-game spin

Moreover, a sidespin-reducing mantle, a Gradational Compression Core, and a Contact Force Dimple pattern can make up the 3-pieces of the golf ball with an ionomer cover.

The Bridgestone golf balls’ engine is the Gradational Compression Core. It promotes more energy transfer and lesser spin at impact. Consequently, you may produce explosive ball speeds for a higher as well as more effective launch.

You will love how the mantle reduces the sidespin. This is located between the cover and the core. You will be able to increase accuracy by getting a straighter golf ball flight. It is possible due to spin reduction. Moreover, the solid ionomer cover may also offer better speed and low RPMs in the long game.


  • It enhances friction when the ball impacts
  • Increases energy transmission for fast-moving golf balls
  • Minimizes backspin during long game shots
  • The mantle may lessen side spin for straighter flights
  • Improved greenside management with this golf ball.


  • It is one of the most expensive golf balls in the market on the list of inexpensive golf balls.
  • The substantial cover may lessen feedback

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Type: distance
  • Cover material: Ionomer Hybrid Paraloid
  • Compression: low
  • Incredible combination of core, cover, and flight technologies
  • Optimized HEX aerodynamics
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Our list has mainly consisted of golf balls with medium compression better suited to medium swinging speeds. Because of its enhanced pace, high flight, low spin, and variety of colors, the low compression rated Callaway supersoft golf balls are my choice for the finest inexpensive balls for moderate swinging speeds.

One of the lowest compression ratings on the market is offered by Supersoft. It translates to more spring off the clubface for extraordinary velocity. Moreover, it offers a higher launch while swinging slowly. The Soft Compression Core reduces spin for longer flight times and a straighter trajectory.

The ionomer golf ball cover is then treated with the traditional Callaway Hex Aerodynamics. Thus, it helps to reduce drag and increase lift. Hence, you will be able to give a constant carry distance and a gentle landing.

golf color balls

This four-piece colored golf ball has become incredibly popular. They have the Truvis design. Moreover, you will find a soccer ball print all over the golf ball. The Tour-level premium ball from Callaway, the Chrome Soft, can hold its own against industry giants like Titleist. The low compression and urethane cover give you outstanding distance off the tee. Moreover, it has a soft feel and a lot of spins greenside. Hence, it favors the average golfer. so you can check these high visibility golf balls.


  • Launches high
  • Produces adequate compression upon contact
  • It encourages a gentle landing as it approaches.
  • You can purchase it in six colors.
  • Creates a frantic ball pace
  • The excellent distance off the tee.


  • Not the best golf ball for moderate and faster swinging speeds.
  • It may create little spin

3. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Type: distance golf ball
  • Compression: mid
  • Cover material: NAZ + ionomer
  • Higher distance
  • Better Iron Stoppability
  • Higher flight on all game shots
  • Lower long-game spin
  • Feel: playable greenside feel

Some cheap golf balls have a durability issue. It may lead to scuffs and flaws after just one sand knick. Due to the robust LSX Core and NAZ+ cover of the Titleist golf balls, I believe the Titleist Velocity is the category winner. This is a medium-compression golf ball. Thus, it is ideal for swings that are average in speed yet need higher golf ball zip and an impressive trajectory.

Your golf ball pace will increase for a significant long golf game distance. It is because of the LSX Core’s improved energy transmission. The NAZ+ ionomer cover may increase ball speed in longer game strikes by decreasing spin. On the other hand, it may provide more friction. Thus, you will get a playable feel around the greens.


  • It may restrict spin on long game strikes
  • It may generate rabid ball speed
  • A sturdy golf ball cover
  • Gives off a playable greenside feel
  • It is ideal for moderate swinging speeds.


  • It is more expensive than its competitors.
  • It offers wedge and approach shots with lesser spin than I prefer.

4. Vice Drive Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Type: distance
  • Compression: High
  • Feel: soft
  • Cover material: DuPont Surlyn
  • For golfers having lower to medium club head speeds
  • Cut-resistant and extremely tough core
  • 368-dimple pattern
  • Longer roll
Vice Drive Golf Balls

Numerous manufacturers emphasize the golf ball’s carry distance feature. Conversely, the ideal roll is favorable for dry golf courses or windy weather. In regard to decent, affordable golf balls, the Vice golf balls have the best roll potential for extending your carry distance after landing. Moreover, the greater roll produced by the 392 Symmetrical Dimple Design may ensure optimal buoyancy.

It is important for a steady trajectory and descending angle. Because of this, the golf ball keeps rolling after it lands for a longer total distance. The robust and cut-resistant core is another feature you will admire. It resists high-impact loads and trips to the bunker and cart road. Moreover, it increases energy transfer upon contact, decreasing spin and increasing ball zip.


  • Among the best budget golf balls
  • It may deliver the farthest roll.
  • Outstanding ball speed
  • A tough cover.
  • Limits spin
  • Includes a Drive alignment tool for precise putting setup


  • Lower greenside spin
  • The golf ball is not the softest.

5. TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls


  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Type: distance
  • Cover material: ionomer
  • Compression: mid
  • REACT Speed Core
  • 342-aerodynamic dimple design
  • Mid-launch and maximum distance
  • Feel: softer
TaylorMade distance plus golf balls

The TaylorMade Distance Plus wins the award for the longest of the best cheapest golf balls. This 2-piece design is a pure distance ball. It can maximize the length of your long golf game. Its main component is the React Speed Core. It works to increase golf ball speed and decrease driver spin for a long distance off the tee. Thus, swinging speeds in the middle will welcome the increased golf ball speed.

Hence, TaylorMade golf balls with a compression rating of 77 will be simple to hit. You will admire how the aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces drag and improves lift off the tee. It offers higher golf ball flight and longer golf ball carry distance. Furthermore, the golf ball may roll purposefully due to the lower spin rate. Hence, it will give you additional yards on the greens.


  • Extraordinary range
  • It may generate enough roll
  • It may reduce long-game spin.
  • Increases ball speeds
  • It may limit drag


  • Lower greenside spin
  • For slower swing speeds, it is not a good choice

6. Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls


  • Type: distance
  • Layers: 2-piece
  • Cover material: ionomer
  • Compression: mid
  • Straightest Golf balls
Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls

If you have a high handicap, you may find difficulty in hitting accurate shots. Thus, it would put you in perilous positions on the golf course. The Maxfli Straightfli can provide the best solution to this problem. It comes with an exact dimple pattern. Hence, it keeps less skilled golf players in the game. The Fairway dimple pattern is the ball’s most notable feature.  Maxfli flies say the Fairway dimple pattern is $20 straighter than their prior golf ball models.

You will find that the dimple pattern reduces the impact of a hook or slice for a more accurate shot. Although it is not the perfect solution, it may lessen the effects of your errors. Furthermore, the Straightfli has a Next Generation Core due to its gorgeous dimple design. Hence, it may increase energy at impact and reduce spin for longer golf shots.


  • It may offer a 20% straighter ball flight than earlier Maxfli golf balls.
  • It encourages frantic movement on longer shots
  • Reduces driver spin
  • Forgiving
  • The best affordable golf balls


  • There is minimal friction on wedge shots and putts.
  • Eliminates viability

7. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls


  • Type: Distance
  • Compression: High
  • Cover material: ionomer
  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Maximum golf ball speed
  • The high-energy and extra-large core
  • HEX aerodynamics
 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

We know that every golf ball on this list is reasonably priced. However, some balls are more affordable than others. The top-rated and best-value golf balls in 2023 is the 2-piece Callaway Warbird distance ball. It is because of its long-distance, higher ball flight, and quicker velocity.

A teenager may switch between the Maxfli Noodle and the Warbird. Thus, you will value this golf ball’s consistency. It has only gotten better with modern technology. Furthermore, its high-energy and extra-large core may collapse more readily than before. The expanded design encourages outstanding energy transmission from the clubface to the ball. Hence, it results in a rapid pace despite its higher rating. The drag-resistant Hex Aerodynamics may seem to go well with this function. HEX aerodynamics raises the launch for a longer carry distance.


  • All golf players can afford it
  • It may produce an erratic ball pace.
  • HEX Aerodynamics may combat drag
  • It causes a stronger launch.
  • It may produce a greater distance


  • Very hard, as it feels like a rock.
  • It may only offer a little greenside spin.

8. Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite


  • Type: distance
  • Layers: 2-piece design
  • Cover material: ionomer
  • Compression: mid
  • Fastlayer Core
  • Feel: soft
  • 338-speed dimple design
Srixon soft feel 12 brite

High handicappers will appreciate the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball’s ability to resist drag. It consistently produces a high launch. The Srixon golf balls add enough compression at impact for a faster speed to its remarkable launch characteristics. Its favorite design element is the 338 Speed Dimple pattern. It reduces drag for a higher ball flight and greater launch.

Despite the lack of spin, you may observe the increased trajectory, which will force an aggressive descent for a soft landing. The Softest Fastlayer Core, developed by Srixon engineers, may encourage the golf ball to snap back off the clubface for maximum compression. Hence, it will provide a combination of higher velocity and low spin.


  • Increases ball velocity,
  • Reduces spin
  • Launches high.
  • Consistently increases carry distance
  • Available in two colors


  • Minimal spin in short golf games
  • It is not the toughest ball.

9. Piper Blue Premium Golf Balls


  • Layers: 3-piece design
  • The best for swing speeds 90-105mph
  • Cover material: DuPont surlyn
  • Symmetrical 332-dimple design
  • Low spin rate for straighter and pure shots
Piper Blue Premium Golf Balls

The Piper Blue golf ball may cost more than some of the other choices on this list. But the excellent performance it offers for the money justifies a slot. The Piper Blue may demonstrate exceptional greenside spin and control. Moreover, it offers remarkable stopping power on approach shots. The Piper Blue may be the longest ball with the driver.

However, it is adequate in terms of distance and also fairly accurate. Moreover, it provides naturally high launch conditions. Hence, it can be advantageous for golf players with trouble getting the ball in the air. Finally, the Piper Blue is among the best cheapest golf balls in terms of durability.


  • Great greenside spin
  • Very sturdy


  • Not everyone will like the older feel.

10. MIZUNO RB 566 and 566V Golf Balls


  • Layers: 3-piece
  • Compression: low
  • 566 Micro-dimple design
  • Cover material: durable ionomer
  • Feel: soft
  • Short game spin: mid/high
MIZUNO RB 566 and 566V

The Mizuno RB566’s highly distinctive dimple design will be the first thing you will love. To prolong flight and increase distance off the tee, Mizuno developed their “566” micro-dimple pattern. The softest compression ball produced by Mizuno is the RB566. For golf players with slow-to-moderate swinging speeds, this soft feature and the 566-dimple design significantly limit the rate of descent past the apex of the flight

The RB566 boasts tremendous short-game spin while still having a low spin with the driver due to its sophisticated design. The Mizuno RB566 golf balls offer exceptional value at one of the lowest rates.


  • Unlike most best golf balls, it takes off and soars higher.
  • Fantastic short-game feel
  • Excellent value


  • More suitable for playing golf in cold climates
  • Better golf players might find it overly soft


You may have understood how to save money on purchasing golf balls in this era of escalating prices.

We have described 10 high-quality and best cheapest golf balls with:

  • A high launch
  • Low spin
  • Accelerated ball speed
  • Reliable flight

These golf balls are available for your selection. According to my observations, the Bridgestone e12 Contact golf balls offer the finest overall value for money in 2023. Increased friction caused by the 3-piece design results in a better feel on short strokes. Furthermore, it also results in faster ball speed off the tee.

The core’s Gradational Compression may limit spin on longer game shots. The long-distance and entry-level Callaway Warbird golf balls are worth trying when you don’t have enough money to buy expensive balls. The TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls are the longest affordable decent balls this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a dozen balls for a golf game can range from about $15 to $60. The average cost of a premium ball is $49.99. However, a dozen Golf balls from $15 to $35 may be affordable for everyone. Higher-priced balls for golf often offer additional performance advantages. Moreover, they may come with special material compositions.

Inexpensive golf balls typically have one outstanding quality. It’s possible to obtain a cheap golf ball that has the following:

  • Tremendous distance off the tee
  • Strong spin around the greens.

Finding the best value golf balls with a performance from the fairway, tee, and around the greens can be difficult.

Numerous companies sell cheaper golf balls. Thus, because there are so many merchants, you can buy many models for much less than their typical RRPs. It is due to discounts and special offers. Hence, we cannot determine which golf ball brand is the least expensive.

Among the best inexpensive urethane cover golf balls available include the TaylorMade Tour Response. The Tour Response and the TP5 are comparable. However, the Tour Response is considerably less expensive. Moreover, it feels significantly different in the short game.

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