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For senior golfers who love to play golf, we offer the best tips and exercises for seniors to enhance their game and choose the best golf balls for seniors….

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What is an eagle in golf

What is an Eagle in Golf –

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You may hear many golf terms for scoring as a new golfer. When you’re a beginning golf, these golf scoring terms may surprise you because you don’t know their meanings. When you hear a golf phrase like “eagle,” you could be confused. Let’s describe “What is an eagle in golf?” In…
what is a handicap

What Is a Handicap In Golf? –

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Do you love playing golf? You may occasionally feel up against players who consistently outperform you. It may get annoyed when you play a solid golf game but your playing partners perform better than you. Would you prefer playing golf evenly with the other members of your foursome? Thus, this…
best cheapest golf balls

10 Best Cheapest Golf Balls –

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It’s difficult to discover even one drawback to the game of golf. When you speak to golf enthusiasts, they will tell you how much they like the golf game. However, most people will concur that playing golf games may be unaffordable and expensive for some golfers. Most golf players find…
best golf balls for distance

10 Best Golf Balls for Distance 2023 –

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All of us wish our golf balls could do a variety of things, such as: But we can all agree that one aspect of the right golf ball is most important. We all wish our golf ball to cover the maximum distance.  Manufacturers are increasingly coming up with ways to…
best golf balls for beginners

10 Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2023 –

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If you’re going to start golf, you’ll undoubtedly be looking for the best beginner golf ball that gives reasonable performance but doesn’t cost the earth. Thus, it’s important to remember that less experienced golfers often have faster swings, better technique, and greater power than beginning players. It implies that there…